Lime Green Key Fob and a Headache

I know I’ve been leaving hints about the grand opening of my Etsy shop, but I have to tell you all this it will be delayed. I cut my thumb pretty violently with a rotary cutter, the day job is busier than we’ve been in years so I’m back to FT temporarily, and I’ve had a migraine for four days. Add to that the rest of my life, and you’ll see how the shop was delayed. And actually, not delayed exactly, but it will be a soft launch for a couple more weeks until I’m healed, working my normal schedule and this crazy headache is gone.

All that said, here is a sneak peek at the first goodie that’s been listed! It’s a Key Fob/Key Chain. I bought one a while back and absolutely love it. I can throw it over my wrist when I’m running errands and can still hold all the bolts of fabric Daughter at the same time. It allows me to easily find my keys in the bottom of my purse. And it looks great on top of everything else. So I knew I had to make them. They’re pretty easy to put together, so that’s what I’m launching the shop with. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks. I”ll be adding items and I’ll be giving away a few items. Once my head is above water and no longer throbbing. Until then, I’m keeping the shades drawn and popping some pills.


Jumbo Crayons are Fun!

We picked up a package of Jumbo crayons the other day, you know the big, thick ones, that are harder to chew and swallow? Well, I’ve discovered they are just as easy to chew, but they are easier for little tiny hands to hold. I also discovered that they are full of inspiration. While daughter took turns pounding her red crayon on the paper and sticking it into her mouth, I decided to try it myself. Just holding the thicker crayon, I could feel my arm let go as it lead me across the page. It was fun!

Today at The Write Ingredients: Sushi!


Simple Six-Pocket Bag

I found the pattern for this adorable Simple Six-Pocket bag a few months ago and just came across the bookmark last week. With some fun Ikea fabric and a free afternoon, I put one together. I really love how it turned out, but I have to say there are a few things I’d tweak the next time. One, I’d make the straps longer. Maybe it’s because I’m so tall, but the straps feel short and can barely fit over my shoulder. I’d also add a closure; even a simple magnetic closure would be perfect. The bag can flop open pretty easily, and that would solve the problem.Next time, I might even make it a big larger.

The best thing about the bag are the pockets. Six pockets line the outside and they’re perfect for my phone, lip balm, business cards, etc.

I will definitely be making this bag again, or using it for inspiration for different sizes, and fabrics. The pattern was simple, well-written and very easy to follow. And everywhere I carried this weekend I received compliments. And that’s really the best part.

Today at The Write Ingredients: Tomatoes!



Have a great weekend. I’ll be checking out the artists at Highland Fest and  dipping my feet in the neighborhood wading pool. I’m also gearing up for a really big week next week. Really, you ask? Yep, stay tuned! It will be fun!

fun finds

Art at St. Kates

My Mom and I ran over to the College of St. Kate’s this weekend to check out Art at St. Kate’s. I had never heard ot the event, but was more than happy to check it out.

There was lots of amazing work, including handmade tiles above.

And this beautiful set of bowls.

And this print.

I love this print. I bought this print and it’s now on our front wall. It is the work of Megan Moore. I love the whimsy and simple style. I love the subtle humor. Especially the salmon work she does. Check her out. She’ll be at the Highland Fest this weekend. I plan to spend some time checking out her booth. And hopefully bringing another print home!


Checkbook Cover

I know, I know, nobody writes checks anymore. Or so I thought, until I went to my new acupuncturist, who ONLY takes checks. Really? Wow. Good thing I had just made this adorable, and highly functional checkbook cover. Not only did I have my checkbook with me, but I was proud to pull it out of my purse to write the check.

There are two simple pockets on the inside, hiding a fun animal print fabric. Even if you are committed to no longer writing checks, the pockets hold dollar bills perfectly. Or, if you don’t carry the checkbook but just use it to pay a couple non-electronic bills each month, wouldn’t it brighten your day to have a fun cover? I know it makes giving my money away easier.

I’m working on fine-tuning this pattern with pockets for debit or credit cards, as well as a simple closure. Anything else you need in a checkbook/wallet. Let me know. These will hopefully be in the Etsy shop someday as well.


I Like You and I Like My Bird!

I ran over to I Like You last week to find a gift. I Like You is this great little shop in NE Minneapolis that sells handmade items from clothes, to cards, to prints and soap! And they’re all made by local artists. What a great idea!

I wasn’t able to find the right gift, but I did pick up this fabulous bird for my office. I’ve been on a bird kick lately, and if you know me, you know I love ladybugs. This is perfect. I love it. But I think my happy little blue bird needs a name. Any ideas?



A while back I had a super, duper good day and won a gift pack from Artsyville! (I originally found Aimee through Jen. ) The package included wine tags, bookmarks, gift cards and little gift tags. I absolutely love Aimee’s style and her sense of humor. She has been more than an inspiration to me as I navigate this blogging world.

If you need a pick-me-up check out here blog here. Or check out her shop here and let me know what your favorite piece is. I’m torn between this one and this one.

Thanks for the inspiration, Aimee, and the laughs!


Adorable (and Functional) Alphabet Cards

Way back in May I found this adorable set of Alphabet Cards at Sweet Charity in Brooklyn. (adorable shop, you must stop by). I was in NYC with the girls, and as soon as I saw the cards I knew I had to have them. The box contains 26 cards, one for each letter (duh…). I had an idea in my head to take the six letters in Daughter’s name and frame them somehow for her play area. It wasn’t until  my most recent Ikea trip (they’ve been weekly lately, unfortunately) that I put all the pieces together. I grabbed one of the long and thing Ribba frames (meant for five 5×7 prints) and cut a piece of the beautiful Orange Minna fabric and it was done! Now I just need to persuade someone to hang it up for me and it will be complete.