Ahhhh…..Baby Giraffe…..

I have a soft spot for Giraffes. I have an even softer spot for Baby Giraffes. Isn’t he just precious? This amazing print is the work of photographer Sharon Montrose. She specializes in animal photography. And I have to say, her work is something special. Check out here blog here, and her Etsy shop here.

Oh, and scroll down for more info on the International Craft Swap. Plenty of time to sign up…


Announcing…. A craft swap!

Yes, a craft swap. An international craft swap to be precise. The fabulous Bree, from meandmy2guys, and I are hosting an international craft swap. I’m in the States, she’s in Australia, You can be anywhere.

Here’s how it works. You’re crafty. You make something crafty. If you work with paper, make something with paper, if you sew, sew something, if you make jewelry, make jewelry. Then send it off to your swap partner and you will receive a crafty item from them in return. It’s that simple!

For this swap we’re asking you to make a crafty item that you can be made within a day. Don’t go overboard, but make something that you’d like to receive. For example, if you sew, you could put together a simple bag. If you work with paper, a simple photo album or set of cards. If you make jewelry, maybe it’s a fabulous necklace or pair of earrings.

A couple rules… you must be willing to ship internationally… your item must be handmade… you must sign up by August 8… you must ship your item by August 31. I think that’s it. Easy, right?

To join the swap, leave a comment below (or email me at paperand clouds (at) gmail (dot) com.) and answer these questions:

1. Your favorite color(s)

2. Your favorite food(s)

3. A craft(s) you haven’t tried, but really, really, really want to try.

Please also include your email and blog, if you have one. We’ll email you with your swap partner info after the 8th.

So… sign up! Spread the word and have fun!


Winterberry, Inc.

I ran into this amazing piece of work at the Art at St. Kate’s exhibit a few weeks ago. It’s beautiful here, but stunning in person. The artist is Leslie A. Pilgrim and to say she’s talented is an understatement. I love her textures and color palette and hope to someday have a piece of hers in my home. To see more of her work, visit her website here.


Bird Fabric!

A few weeks ago I wrote about some Yummy Fabrics I found while surfing. Well, my sister read it and after a few clicks, sent me some beautiful Bird Fabric for my birthday! I was so stunned when I opened the package because I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember ordering it. I knew I had thought about it. I even looked up my previous purchases on Etsy to double check, and then I remembered that she mentioned my birthday gift would be showing up soon. It all made sense! She found both of these lovelies at Sew Cute Fabrics on Etsy. But I know they’re also available on Hawthorne Threads. I know exactly what I’m going to do with the yellow fabric, but I’m looking for ideas for the red. Have any?

Oh, and just so I don’t forget, my sister and I are twins, so it was her birthday too. Thanks, Julie, I love them!


Physics & A Wedding

I have a friend who’s a geek. She admits it, and knows it quite well. She quite her job mixing paint (like creating paint, from scratch) to teach high school Physics. And then she went to a summer teacher conference and met a guy who teaches high school Physics. Now these two are getting married. And obviously I volunteered to design their wedding invitations. I love Physics. Yes, I’m a designer, but I took a full year of Physics in college and LOVED it. Nobody loves Physics. But I do, Husband does, and these two do. So I wanted to do something special for them for their special day.

I used an atom on the outside of the invitation and created this atom-pattern for the inside. Her colors are a rich lavender and silver,so I used Curious Metallics Ice Gold paper. The paper itself has a metallic look, so there was no need to print with metallic inks. Besides, the invites were printed digitally, saving hundreds of dollars.

We had a slight envelope issue, but everything’s been worked out and they’ve been mailed. The Bride loves them as much as I do. And that’s what matters.


Anthropologie Wishes

I bought a purse at Anthropologie a couple years ago. I promptly returned it a few days later and decided I’d rather find one on Etsy. Since then, they’ve sent me these lovely cards on my birthday. Last year’s card included a cute little sewing kit. This year they sent this adorable card with a candle necklace.

It also included a coupon for 15% off my purchase. If you’ve ever shopped at Anthropologie, you know 15% doesn’t add up to much. But I still might try to make it over there. Nothing to lose, right? (except $$$$) Meanwhile, I’m wearing this lovely candle necklace to work. I was supposed to have the day off, but work load has caused me to change my plans. Oh well. They better at least bring me a cupcake.


Sunny Friday

A photo from the quick walk I took in the summer sunshine earlier this week.

Here’s hoping you have a Sunny Friday and a Happy Weekend. I’m spending it celebrating. Enjoy!

fun finds

Highland Fest Recap

I ran over to Highland Fest this weekend. Twice. I went on Saturday afternoon and found many vendors packing up because of the approaching Storm. (Can’t say I blamed ’em, the wind was whipping and the sirens forced me, sleeping Daughter and scaredy Dog into the basement a few hours later.) But the vendors that were still up and running were very impressive. Then I ran over again on Sunday on the way to the grocery store. All the vendors were open and operating, even though a few had lost their tents to the wicked Storm on Saturday. A few artists that caught my eye included:

Marisa Martinez (Mestiza Designs) – her glass beads are stunning and so much fun!

Metalsmith Nora Schatzberg – especially her dragonfly necklace

Jill Van Sickle – her paintings are dramatic, yet cozy

And Cassidy Van Boylan – I adore her style and bought this beautiful necklace. But really, I would have been happy with any of her pieces. And she was a delight to meet and chat with. I’ll be hunting her down at other fairs, soon, real soon.

There were also food vendors and live music and bingo and rides, but I really didn’t go beyond the art fair. A bag of mini-donuts did follow me home, but I shared them with Daughter and Dog. Wouldn’t be “fair” otherwise, right?