Baby, It’s Cold Outside


And while I’m sick of everyone talking about it, I still have to say, IT’S &&^%$# COLD OUT THERE!. When I’m inside I can almost forget how cold it is out there, until the house “knocks” again and I bolt off the couch. Or when I have to let the dogs out, with the encouraging words, “Be brave, come right back.” Or like this morning when I had to actually make the walk to the garage and sit in a cold-ish car for the 20 minute drive to work. I took husband’s car for the seat warmers, but I don’t think they even warmed up enough by the time I got here. I parked in the center of the parking ramp, between two other cars, hoping to protect the car from the wind of the outside world. I’m safely inside right now, but in a few hours I’ll have to go back out there.

It will be this cold for roughly 48 hours and by this weekend it will be close to above freezing. For many that still sounds cold. But for us folks around here, it means many will be jogging in shorts or sledding in t-shirts. I’ll just be happy to not cough as soon as I get outside.

Stay warm, folks. This, too, shall pass.


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