Art at St. Kates

My Mom and I ran over to the College of St. Kate’s this weekend to check out Art at St. Kate’s. I had never heard ot the event, but was more than happy to check it out.

There was lots of amazing work, including handmade tiles above.

And this beautiful set of bowls.

And this print.

I love this print. I bought this print and it’s now on our front wall. It is the work of Megan Moore. I love the whimsy and simple style. I love the subtle humor. Especially the salmon work she does. Check her out. She’ll be at the Highland Fest this weekend. I plan to spend some time checking out her booth. And hopefully bringing another print home!

  • threesneakybugs

    I LOVE those bowls. And what a fun print – good find!

  • kristin

    i was there but sure didn’t see any of this fun stuff! 🙁 pout

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