Anthropologie Wishes

I bought a purse at Anthropologie a couple years ago. I promptly returned it a few days later and decided I’d rather find one on Etsy. Since then, they’ve sent me these lovely cards on my birthday. Last year’s card included a cute little sewing kit. This year they sent this adorable card with a candle necklace.

It also included a coupon for 15% off my purchase. If you’ve ever shopped at Anthropologie, you know 15% doesn’t add up to much. But I still might try to make it over there. Nothing to lose, right? (except $$$$) Meanwhile, I’m wearing this lovely candle necklace to work. I was supposed to have the day off, but work load has caused me to change my plans. Oh well. They better at least bring me a cupcake.

  • threesneakybugs

    I think I need to go buy and then return something there. Happy Birthday!

  • jen

    happy birthday!

  • jenv

    i got that same necklace and it is still sitting on my nightstand unused. happy birthday!! i hope you got your cupcake!

  • Tyler

    i heart anthropologie…but my heart aches all the way through the checkout line, seriously a sweater is a couple hundred dollars! Etsy, now there’s a place to get the anthropologie “look” while supporting handmade and making your pocket book smile!

    happy birthday.

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