Announcing… Purple•Poppie!

Well, after a bit of planning, a lot of dreaming and a whole lot of glue, I’m excited to announce my latest project. Together with my friend and coworker, Jen, we’re launching purple•poppie paper & parties. As graphic designers, paper freaks, and two gals who love a good party, we’re here to help. Anything you might need for your event, from invitations, announcements, themes, decorations, menu ideas or just the name of a good caterer, we can do it. We’re excited and ready. In fact, we’ll be demonstrating our talents and ideas next month at our launch party.

We’re working on our blog and facebook page, which you can find here and here. Follow us, Like us or just keep in touch. It’s time to party!
  • jen

    congratulations! good luck on your new adventure!

  • Carole

    Congratulations. This sounds so exciting.

  • Tyler

    congrats…I’ll be looking for the facebook page to show some love!

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