And Then November….

November. I’m still running in shorts. Already playing hockey. And can/can’t wait for snow. Among other things, November is the month of daily creativity. There’s NaNoWrMo and Art Every Day For a Month. I’m aiming to do one or the other every day… meaning to write or create art. I feel like doodling, or making jewelry or maybe bring out the paints? We’ll see what comes up.

As for those resolutions…. here goes:

1. Create
See above….  And designing a whole lotta invitations and such for Purple•Poppie. Those ideas just keep coming. Woo!Hoo!

2. Write.
Hello 5:30am. Nice to see you again. You’re a pain in my butt but you get me writing.

3. Yoga
My lovely new instructor took a new job. ((*^%%&^%%$!! But I’m still going. Because I love it. And the Level 2 classes are HARD!

4. Budget
This is good. I just stopped spending money.

5. Triathlon.
Hockey started this past weekend and all that training really made the transition a piece of cake. (And yes, I enjoyed a piece of Salted Cashew Caramel Chocolate Cake to celebrate our first win.) I’m also signing up for my first indoor tri. Anyone with me?

Are you ready for snow? Thanksgiving? Eecks, the holidays?


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