And then it was August

I’m back! And suddenly it’s August. It’s still hot as heck out there but this morning I should smell fall in the air. It was 68 degrees when I walked Daughter and Dog to the corner to get a paper and I loved it. But then the sun popped out and we spent the day in the pool at Husband’s family reunion. Anyway, it’s time for an update on the resolutions. So, here goes:

1. Create
I’m still sewing! I made these purses for my sis and sis-in-law. And I finally finished pillow #3. That means the “projects left to be finished” list is getting smaller. Guess I should add a few more!

2. Write.
Not back there yet…..

3. Yoga
Not back there yet either…. soon…

4. Budget

5. Triathlon.
One week to go. I’m ready. Totally ready. Mentally and Physically. I can’t wait. When’s the next one?

Are you looking forward to Fall yet?

  • kristin

    remember when august was the HOT month?

    are you doing the triathlon that goes around Nokomis on Sunday? if yes, tell me what you’ll be wearing so i can spot you easily…

    1. jenn

      yes, yes! Around Nokomis. Are you planning to watch? I plan to wear black tri shorts, a teal top and a bright orange hat. Really ugly, but I want my fans (husband and daugher) to spot me. hopefully I wont be floating at the bottom of the lake…..

      and yes, I remember when August was the hot month. Unbearable, really.

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