A Paper (and Safe) Mistletoe

A Quick Note…. I’ve had such an amazing response (and a lot of great compliments) on the lavendar sachet giveaway that I’ve listed a few in the shop. More will go up soon. You can check them out here……

Growing up my Mom had a plastic mistletoe. At the time I thought it was cheesy and always wanted the real thing. So for a few years I bought my little ball of mistletoe and hung it up for the holidays. Then we got Dog. And I found out that real mistletoe is poisonous. A little dog and a little ball of poison don’t mix. Then we had Daughter. And again, a little girl and a pretty ball of poison? Not going to work. So for a few years now I’ve been looking for a plastic mistletoe, much like the one I grew up with. I could never find a thing. Until the Paper Source catalog came a few weeks ago. There, in full color, was a photo of a paper Mistletoe. Paper! Not poisonous. And something I could (sort of) create myself. And Ta Da! I put it together between sips of wine this weekend and I love it. It’s perfect and not poisonous and it won’t dry up and it shouldn’t fall apart. Now I just need to find some fishing line and a strategic place to hang it……

  • threesneakybugs

    Fun! I love real mistletoe, but yeah the poison thing is a real downer.

  • Violet

    Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it!
    YES I did just quote Batman Returns teeheee 😛
    This is really cute!

  • Carole

    What a creative idea. I love it. It’s really pretty and it’s safe.

  • The Prudent Homemaker

    Fabulous idea! I have been wanting some misteltoe, but I don’t have any money to get any. I was thinking of looking for the plastic kind, too.

    Now I can assign my 5-year-old to make some for me 🙂 That boy is amazing with scissors. I used to teach 5-year-olds and they couldn’t even use scissors. I’m going to need some paper berries, too.

    I even know where I’m going to hang it. I’ve been wanting to hang some there for 4 years.

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