A New Tent

I found the directions/pattern for this tent a few months ago. I sent to it Husband and he promptly made the frame. Seriously, like he picked up the wood that day and assembled it that night and then it sat for three months until I finally finished it. I figured we would be outside all summer anyway…. right?

So I finally sewed the cover for it and after a bit of math and more measuring, it came together rather quickly. Daughter was pleased. In fact, more than pleased. I just wish we had a huge finished basement so it could be out all the time….. someday, right?

  • Tyler

    I love these so adorable and isn’t fun to see the hub get excited about crafty stuff!!! I’m sure lil’ nibbler is having loads of fun with it!

  • kristin

    it looks great jenn! sorry for slowing the conversation about this…i went to Boston last weekend and am still catching up…you know!

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