A Moment


You know that feeling you get when you’re driving and you’re thinking of work and of home and of your house that just won’t sell and that library book that’s somewhere in your car but overdue and costing you fifty cents a day and how you just want to go for a run but work has been too busy and the weather too cold and the running paths too snowy?

Yeah, that feeling.

That’s what hit me tonight after I picked up daughter and tried to figure out where to go for the next hour because a group of strangers were walking through my spotless, staged and beautiful house. She wanted to drive. I wanted to sit. After we drove past the house and noticed the group was early, we headed to the neighborhood coffee shop. We shared sandwiches and carrots and she played in the play area where I scribbled some stuff on the tiny sheet of paper on my purse.

And that feeling disappeared. Mostly.

(can you see my loved ones in the photo below? hint: they’re tiny)



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