A (Melting) Ice Wreath

I made an Ice Wreath last Friday using this tutorial from Resurrection Fern. It was 7 degrees that day. But today it was 44. Needless to say, I think my wreath is gone. I’m all for rain, but in the spring, not December. I want snow, lots and lots of snow.

I guess I’ll just go pull my ribbon off the fence and make another one next week. The temperatures better plummet, or I’m heading north. Seriously.

  • jen

    i find this post a little funny! beautiful wreath, though! (and snow for xmas would be nice.)

  • Jill

    Love the wreath! BRING ON WINTER!!

  • Carole

    Jenn, the wreath is beautiful. And I, too, vote for snow.

  • Julie

    That wreath is super cool. Wouldn’t last a day in the Colorado sun, though.

  • Mom

    That is really cool – literally! Too bad about the melting. I would like snow, too, just enough to brighten up the landscape but not enough to snarl traffic.

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