A Box of History

My Mom brought me a box full of family history this weekend. For years it sat in my Uncle’s garage. It’s filled with photos and other family memories, including a whole bag of photos of family in Denmark, with handwritten descriptions in Danish. I guess they’re from around 1930 or so, but I need to find a translator to really know.

The two photos above really caught my eye. The one of the left is of my Mom’s Mother. I have her name as my middle name and I’ve always felt a connection to her even though she passed away when I was a Toddler and we all say my sister looks just like her. On the front of the photo she wrote “Me.” on the back she wrote “Taken on the Mendota Bridge. I look a lot better than I felt.”

The photo on the right is of my Mom’s parents and her older brother. I love the joy in their faces and the white picket fence. Isn’t it beautiful?

Both photos are full of stories, don’t you think? I just need to find them.

  • Kim May

    Aase May could easily help with that Danish translation. Sounds like fun.

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