66/93: A Week

A week from tomorrow daughter starts Kindergarten. Real School. With a capital S. I can’t believe it’s already here. I’m trying to embrace this last week. Her last days of PreK. Her last days at the center where she’s been learning for five years.* I am so excited for her to move on. To explore and have fun and gain independence. Next week at this time I’ll be a mess. I won’t be sleeping. I won’t be writing. I’ll be worrying and waiting and wondering. Will she find her classroom? Will she speak up? Will she laugh her glorious laugh? In a week from tomorrow I’ll watch her climb onto the bus. Find a seat. And hopefully wave as the bus pulls away. And then I’ll run like lightening to my car and drive to her school just as fast as I can. I’ll see her into her classroom and then I’ll wave again. And then I’ll leave. And she’ll be just fine.

*Same center, two different locations.


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