59/93: So Tired


My body is exhausted from the race this morning. I just wanted to get through the swim, I wanted to enjoy the bike and I wanted to fly through the run. My body had a different plan. The swim was okay. Lots of other bodies, but I didn’t panic and I stayed on course. The bike was smooth and I felt pretty fast. But it’s still stinkin’ long. The run was tough. Really tough. I think it was because I forgot to eat something while on the bike. I thought I’d have enough energy, but by the time I was running I was short of breathe and it was too late to eat. I choked down some water and told my lungs to forge ahead. My legs responded and I finished without a slow step. I beat my time from last year by 40 seconds. Considering how crappy I felt during the run that was pretty amazing. Every year I vow to beat my time from the previous year. At my age, at what point will that start going the other way?


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