57/93: Friday


For the past five years, since daughter was born, I have not worked on Fridays. I’ve covered for people, I’ve emailed and had conference calls throughout the day, I’ve even brought a laptop to swimming lessons so I could finish a project. But for the most part Friday means a day with my girl. It also means swimming lessons, impromptu pedicures, lunch with friends and selfies. We can usually be found cleaning the house, strolling the aisles of Target, or waiting in doctor’s offices. Having one day a week to take care of life’s necessities has been, well, necessary these last five years. In three weeks daughter will start Kindergarten. And she’ll go on Fridays. That’s going to be rough on her. Hell, it’s going to be rough on me! But I’m already booked to volunteer at her school. And I plan to get some stuff organized around here. And to walk the dog. And clean the house. And then right after school there will be swimming lessons…. because not everything can change, can it?

So, here’s to another Friday. And to five years of fabulous Friday’s with my girl.

Go have fun, okay?


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