55/93: Ice Cream

On Tuesdays nights the Ice Cream truck visits our neighborhood. Every Tuesday night. At 6pm sharp. Or 6:05 if it’s been a busy night for her. Last night was Tuesday. And last night at 5:55pm we went outside to find nine other kids running around the cul-de-sac. Nine! Their ages ranged from 4 to 9 and Daughter already knew most of them. There were the two kids that live right by us that she’s played with before. There was the 7YO who she’ll be riding the bus with who laughs almost as much as daughter does. There were the two boys, 7 and 6, that live across the street that will also be on their bus. And then there were the 6YO triplet girls who moved away just days before we moved in. The ten of them, split into groups of girls and boys, ran and biked and scootered after they were sticky with ice cream. The mothers sat on the grass and chatted about nothing, really. Just ice cream and cabins and summer and were the bus will be stopping in three weeks. It was a perfect summer night, complete with sticky kids and crazy puppies.


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