50/93: Writing


(moss along Lake Superior) 

Fifty, yes, 50!, days in a row I’ve been writing. I’m amazed. The first week wasn’t exactly tough, but it required some planning ahead and thinking! Now I can feel the habit forming. (It takes 90 days to form a habit, someone once said.) So here I am an 50 and more motivated than ever!

I met a dear writing friend for lunch yesterday and she confirmed all these crazy thoughts. You don’t need the perfect studio, or even a laptop. All you need is a few (I like 10) minutes, a piece of paper (can be a napkin, a receipt, etc) and something to write with (pen or pencil is best, crayon if you’re desperate). The point is to just WRITE!

Yesterday, after Husband and Daughter left for the day and before sweet Z went into her kennel, I went on the back deck. I had five minutes before I had to leave for work. I said out loud, or possibly to Z, “Ten Minutes.” And we spent those ten minutes on the deck. Me, scribbling furiously. Her, sniffing lazily. In those ten minutes I opened up a whole well of ideas, memories came pouring back.

The rest of the day those words whirled around my head. So good.


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