Dear S –
Five years ago today you came bounding into our world quickly and confidently. Looking back, we think you were probably giggling rather than crying when you were born. When you learned to smile you didn’t stop. Your eyes  have been vibrant and full of mischief since we met. You’ve grown from a beautiful baby, to a terrific toddler and now to a precocious preschooler. You’ve started quoting your favorite movies, “Lone, Lonely, Loner.” and you’ve got your My  Little Pony frustration stare down to a science. You are a super fast skater and hockey player, a very graceful dancer and a fearless swimmer. You love animals of all kind, especially you’re sweet pup, Bug.

It’s hard to believe you’re already 5. But then I look at you and see you in another year, in five, in ten. I can say I’m looking forward to every moment, every cuddle, every super-girl-hug.

Happy Birthday, baby girl.

I  Love You,


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