41/93: Love


Last weekend, Daughter spent the night at my Mom’s with her cousin (we’ll call her AJ). They are 2.5 years apart, but get along beautifully. They are both high-energy and goofy. They look just like each other. AJ can’t sit still and daughter is constantly laughing and joining in on her antics. AJ can read, so Daughter listens, mesmerized as she reads to her. When I picked up the girls on Sunday, Daughter’s hair was neatly pulled back in to a string of ponytails. I looked at my Mom, doubtful she knew how to do that, and then AJ called out, “I did her hair. I learned on my doll.” Brilliant I thought. It’s so fun to see these girls together. They look so much alike they could pass for sisters, and probably do. The difference in age is only going to get smaller as they get older, and I love the idea of Daughter having a close cousin. We’re already planning the next adventure.

Hopefully soon.


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