3/93: On Writing


Now that I have a (sort-of) substantial commute, I started listening to books and podcasts in the car. I’ve started with Steven King’s On Writing. I am not a fan of his books, but I am of fan of his writing. Man, that man can write! And while his narration is a bit crude, it’s honest and exactly what I need to hear if I’m ever going to become a “good” writer.

I can’t quote him because I’m driving when I hear his words, but a few things that have stuck with me through the traffic:

• When you go to your desk to write, your whole self needs to show up.

• Skip the Adverbs. And he’s right. When you realize that they’re just making your work weak, you’ll know to get rid of them.

• The first draft is for yourself; the second draft is for others. Isn’t that freeing?

• You don’t need to listen to another song on the radio or watch another brainless sitcom (unless it’s Anthony Bourdain and he’s in Thailand or Paris (my excerpt), instead pick up a book, listen to a book or just start writing your own!

I’m nearing the end and I’ll miss my commutes with Mr. King, but I’m taking his advice. I’m going to keep writing!


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