33/93: Training

I woke up way too early this morning so I could go to the Community Center and swim laps before Husband had to walk the dog and we all had to leave the house for the day. Seeing 5:35am on the clock is one thing. Getting out of bed, bringing the dog outside and then getting in the car at 5:35 is something else. Despite the time, the sun was up and it was already a beautiful day. I made it to the club, stumbled through the lobby and found my way to the edge of the pool. I glanced at the notes I scribbled out from the training guide — 100 warm up, 6×50, 2×300, 4×25, 50 cool down. Not too bad, similar to last time. The 100 felt good, I stretched and finally woke up. The 50 sprints were fast and got me going. The 300s felt good and I found my groove. Just in time to do the 25 sprints and then cool down. The clock at the edge of the pool read 6:25 and I new I had to get home. I wish I’d had more time, I knew I had more in me. Maybe next week.

When I got home daughter was awake and cuddled into our bed.

“Mommy, were you training?”

I’m sure Husband used that word rather than “swimming” so she wouldn’t get upset I didn’t bring her with me.

“Yes, baby, I was training.”

“I bet you’re going to win the race.”

I chuckled. “I sure hope so, kiddo. I sure hope so.”

If only it was that easy, eh?


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