24 (or is it 26) of 91: Wild

A close friend and I went to see the movie Wild last night. We met right after work at a theater not far from my house. The crowd was small, mostly women. We got our popcorn and found our seats and settled in. I read the book many months ago, and while I remember the story, I didn’t remember all the details. My friend just finished the book last week. So halfway through, when she handed me a kleenex I knew I would need it. And then I needed another. And another. And finally I gave up wiping my eyes and just let the tears pour down my face washing away any make-up that still existed after a long day. Reese’s tired eyes and Laura Dern’s wide smile are all I’ve been able to think about all day. My friend returned my book to me and I’m going to read it again. Starting today.


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