On Swimming

I made it back to the pool for laps this morning. I haven’t swam since the triathlon in August and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the hassle of getting wet, of jumping into a cold pool, of smelling like chlorine. Maybe it’s because swimming laps is Hard. But once I’m in the water I’m in a happy place. There’s no music underwater, nobody talking, no cars passing. It’s just me and if I’m lucky just a couple other brave souls swimming back and forth. The pool was crowded this morning, but I didn’t mind. Since it was my first time back I prefer other bodies nearby in case I go under. Which is ridiculous, because I can touch the bottom, but still, there’s always that thought. I didn’t do the full workout I wanted to do, but I feel I did enough for my first time back. I hope to get back there in the next couple of days to get through another training session.  It’s triathlon season, folks, here goes!


The First Tooth


Daughter lost her first tooth this weekend. And her second. They had been loose for a couple of weeks, but the timing of the actual loss couldn’t have been more exciting. We had just ridden the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago. She had just struggled to eat a hot dog at a Mexican restaurant overlooking Lake Michigan. The hot dog must have done the trick, because moments after we left the restaurant Husband reached into her little mouth and pulled out that tooth. There was a little bit of blood but a lot of excitement. There were phone calls to the grandparents. There was a posting on Facebook. There was jumping up and down and lots of hugs.

The next day tooth number two started to work it’s way out of her gums. We tried to pull it before she went to bed, but it just bled and didn’t budge. The next morning it was gone. No sign of bleeding and no sign of the tooth. Yet it was clearly not in her mouth. Figuring she swallowed it, we started getting ready for the airport. Thirty minutes later she found it, there in the sheets that we had scoured earlier. Amazing. White tooth, white sheets, found. Little girl happy again.

The tooth fairy found us in Chicago and found us again when we got home. She’s most excited that she lost her tooth on a vacation, and none of us will ever forget that Ferris Wheel. Ever.



Did you see the sunrise this morning? Probably not. It was spectacular but very early. At about 5:15 it was loaded with over a gazillion colors (I counted). By the time I got up and went for a run it was completely different, but just as beautiful.


See what I mean?


Heart Plants


“You have Heart Plants,” our young neighbor yelled from across the yard.

“Yes, we do. They’re called Bleeding Hearts.”

“They’re my favorite,” she declared.

“Mine too, kiddo. Mine too.”




I spent the weekend under the weather. It all came on Thursday night, Friday I slept through my to-do list while the dog stared at me. Friday night I no-showed to my writing group and a reading that I had on my calendar for 6 months. Saturday I tried to run errands, but ended up back in the car and back on the couch. Eventually I made it to daughter’s soccer, where I sat and spent the rest of the day alternately between cleaning and resting. Saturday night I finally ate something and immediately regretted it. At that point I had a duathlon starting the next morning in less than 12 hours. I was torn. What if I felt better when I woke up? What if I didn’t wake up in time? What if I still felt like crap? I decided to defer my entry to the race. Which was a good decision because even Sunday I didn’t want to eat, or move. Yet I made it to a coffee shop and a playground with daughter. By Sunday night I was moving a little faster and even stayed up late enough to watch the finale of Mad Men. And then I found this sweet note from little girl. I’m not sure when she wrote it, but it was clearly in response to my pleas of , “Mommy doesn’t feel good, please be patient.” My heart broke. And then burst.




It’s May. And I haven’t been here in a long, long time. But I’m back. It’s been nearly a year since we moved to the suburbs and we love it. Daughter is having a blast in Kindergarten and only has a few weeks left. Husband and I doing our first duathlon tomorrow, and I’m doing another in a couple weeks. The (newest) dog is loving and cuddly and wakes me up by licking my face… or my toes. Meanwhile the flowers are blooming, the grass is waking up and the sun is starting to shine. It feels good to be back, it feels right.