Lewis Green

Stage is set like a bedroom. A 5YO girl is lying under a purple blanket. She speaks first.

Daughter: Mommy? Do plants help us?

Mother: Yes, sweets. They give us oxygen to breathe.

Daughter: We breath Oxdegin?

Mother: Yep.

Daughter: I want a plant in my room.

Mother: Okay.

Exit stage right, come back with a small jade plant in a blue pot.

Mother: Here you go, kiddo. You’re own plant.

Daughter: Yay! I’m going to name him Lewis Green.

And curtain.



More Like 5,000

Remember when I announced to the world that I was going to write 50,000 words in one month? Well, I’m glad that the world that reads this site is so small, because honestly, 50,000? Thanks to a stomach bug that knocked me out for nearly 5, yes, 5, days, I’m hovering around 3,000 words here on the 13th. 3,000 words is 3,000 more words than I wrote in October, so I guess that’s the good news. Now maybe I can kick it into high gear for the rest of the month.

Stupid Stomach Bug.


50,000 words

Today marks the start of National Novel Writing Month. AKA, NaNoWrMo. 

But I have no intention of writing a novel.

I have the intention to write as many frigging words as I can muster before the end of the month. It’s going to mean early morning and late nights. It will mean distracted cooking and hand cramps. Mostly I’ll write on the laptop, but when the words stall I’ll be back to pen and paper.

There. That’s another 75 words. Now 80. They all count, right?

Here goes…