93/93: Onward

Well, my 93 days of writing 93 days is officially over. You’ll notice that the last couple of weeks were quiet. I was writing in a new pink notebook instead. I was digging into my memory. I was gathering facts. Now the deep work begins. I have the habit. I have the inspiration. And I […]

82/93: Gearing Up

Last Friday I picked up a new notebook. It’s Pink. Then I found a good writing pen in my purse that I found at a clinic. It’s Pink. I bought a three-ring-binder to hold print outs. It’s also pink. And I dug up a pack of notecards to outline. They’re white. I’m set. And I’m […]

77/93: Friday

Today was my first Friday “to myself.” The first Friday that I wasn’t at work and that daughter was at school. I had a total of 15 minutes to sit down and write. Because after I put the kid on the bus, I went of a run, I walked the dogs, I volunteered at her […]

75/93: All Night Long

The night before Kindergarten started I had a tiny little tune stuck in my head. It grew and while daughter was getting ready for bed I realized it was Lionel’s Richie “All Night Long.” Remember that song? I’m sorry, it’s rather catchy and I’m sure it’s going through your head now too. Anyway, while Husband […]

73/93: Labor Day

We made no plans for today. We had lots to do, but we didn’t plan to go anywhere or do anything specific. I spent the morning roasting tomatoes and red peppers to fill the freezer with summer. I picked basil and packed pesto. When the kitchen was clean we packed a picnic and rode our […]