93/93: Onward

Well, my 93 days of writing 93 days is officially over. You’ll notice that the last couple of weeks were quiet. I was writing in a new pink notebook instead. I was digging into my memory. I was gathering facts. Now the deep work begins. I have the habit. I have the inspiration. And I have at least a pile of notes. There is much to do. And I hope to share some with you along the way. For now, I hope you find your own inspiration. Your own motivation to tackle what’s important to you. I’ll be back here and there. And when time allows you might see a new look. Meanwhile, look up, look around, look in. And Enjoy.


82/93: Gearing Up

Last Friday I picked up a new notebook. It’s Pink. Then I found a good writing pen in my purse that I found at a clinic. It’s Pink. I bought a three-ring-binder to hold print outs. It’s also pink. And I dug up a pack of notecards to outline. They’re white. I’m set.

And I’m writing.

Every day. Sometimes more than once! I’m excited.

I have grand plans for this space. But it will be quiet for a few weeks while I get my ducks in a row. So don’t go far. It won’t be long. I hope.


77/93: Friday

Today was my first Friday “to myself.” The first Friday that I wasn’t at work and that daughter was at school. I had a total of 15 minutes to sit down and write. Because after I put the kid on the bus, I went of a run, I walked the dogs, I volunteered at her school, ran through Target, hit the library and finally came home and “cleaned” the house. After 15 minutes on the deck with a notebook, I went back to the school to pick her up, brought her to swimming lessons and at 5pm made it home. If I’m planning to write a book in a year on just my Fridays, I’m going to have to switch some things around. Hummm…..


75/93: All Night Long


The night before Kindergarten started I had a tiny little tune stuck in my head. It grew and while daughter was getting ready for bed I realized it was Lionel’s Richie “All Night Long.” Remember that song? I’m sorry, it’s rather catchy and I’m sure it’s going through your head now too. Anyway, while Husband was walking the dogs I searched for it, downloaded and played it while daughter was in the shower. By the time he got back, daughter and I were tearing it up in her bedroom, both in pajamas, my phone’s volume turned all the way up. I’m pretty sure he stood there in the doorway shaking his head, until his little girl reached for his hand and pulled him in to dance. Priceless, I say, priceless.


74/93: And She’s Off


And there she went, straight up the stairs of the bus and into the second row. A half hour later I found her walking towards the door of her new school. Heading the right direction, but happy to see me. She found her classroom on her own and together we found her seat. Old friends were already waiting and new friends were pouring in. This kid has so many fun adventures waiting for her and I’m so proud. Proud of the person she’s become and proud of the person she is making me.

Go get ’em kiddo. I love you. Have fun. And try hard.


73/93: Labor Day


We made no plans for today. We had lots to do, but we didn’t plan to go anywhere or do anything specific. I spent the morning roasting tomatoes and red peppers to fill the freezer with summer. I picked basil and packed pesto. When the kitchen was clean we packed a picnic and rode our bikes to the splash pad. We came home and I tossed the ball for the pups, while husband is out riding. Tomorrow is a big day. For all of us. Daughter will start kindergarten. And then we’re off. We are entering a new world in a new community and I am ready. We are all excited. But first, we’re going back outside to catch those last few hours of summer.