54/93: Blogging for Books

This is a review through Blogging for Books. I was not paid, but I was given the book at no charge.  A few months ago I lost two dogs. And not the they-went-wandering-off-into-the-woods kind of Lost. But the oh-shit-they-are-really-sick-and-there’s-nothing-we-can-do kind of lost. And it sucked. Our beautiful, long legged, constantly chewing 15-month old Potcake was […]

50/93: Writing

(moss along Lake Superior)  Fifty, yes, 50!, days in a row I’ve been writing. I’m amazed. The first week wasn’t exactly tough, but it required some planning ahead and thinking! Now I can feel the habit forming. (It takes 90 days to form a habit, someone once said.) So here I am an 50 and […]

48/93: Hummingbird

  (image via Etsy, from Dusty Shamrock Studios) This morning. Sitting on the deck. Pen in hand. Pup by my side. A hummingbird appears. Looks at us. I realize the feeder hangs above my chair. Pup watches intently. Inquisitively. It floats. Wings buzzing. Annoyed. It’s time for breakfast. “What is it?” Pup’s brown eyes ask me. She’s not sure. Not a bird. […]

46/93: I’m Back

We spent four days on the shores of Lake Superior. We had a blast biking, kayaking, hiking, eating, blueberry picking, wine-tasting, sailing…. we’re been home less than 24 hours and it feels like we were never there. Now we’ve both got two feet back in reality. But the best part was seeing, feeling, hugging, being […]