67/93: A Moment

Sunday afternoon Daughter and I spotted this little lady* hanging out on our Phlox. She was busy sucking down pollen (or nectar?). From flower to flower she hovered, carefully sticking her Probocis into the middle of each flower. We watched, my arms draped around daughter as she gently flapped her wings and ate. What an amazing site. She […]

66/93: A Week

A week from tomorrow daughter starts Kindergarten. Real School. With a capital S. I can’t believe it’s already here. I’m trying to embrace this last week. Her last days of PreK. Her last days at the center where she’s been learning for five years.* I am so excited for her to move on. To explore […]

62/93: A Day Off

We all took the day off today and found ourselves at the ball park. There were brats and beer and cotton candy. Daughter sat in a large metal glove and swiped french fries from my basket. We didn’t get a foul ball but we had fun anyway. It was hot and sticky and soon we […]

61/93: Comments

Do you leave comments on blogs? I try to, especially if the post really means something or if there’s a question or action to follow. I know I don’t leave enough of them. And I know that because of the traffic here. So, I’m putting this out there: If you’re reading this let me know […]

60/93: Storytelling

I have been listening the The Moth on my commute lately. And I’ve become addicted. These people are telling real stories, usually heartbreaking or horrifying stories, live, in front of an audience. I can’t even get mine onto a sheet of paper that would remain plastered in the middle of a notebook. Have you heard […]

59/93: So Tired

My body is exhausted from the race this morning. I just wanted to get through the swim, I wanted to enjoy the bike and I wanted to fly through the run. My body had a different plan. The swim was okay. Lots of other bodies, but I didn’t panic and I stayed on course. The […]

57/93: Friday

For the past five years, since daughter was born, I have not worked on Fridays. I’ve covered for people, I’ve emailed and had conference calls throughout the day, I’ve even brought a laptop to swimming lessons so I could finish a project. But for the most part Friday means a day with my girl. It […]