41/93: Love

Last weekend, Daughter spent the night at my Mom’s with her cousin (we’ll call her AJ). They are 2.5 years apart, but get along beautifully. They are both high-energy and goofy. They look just like each other. AJ can’t sit still and daughter is constantly laughing and joining in on her antics. AJ can read, […]

40/93: Run

Besides the health benefits of running, both mental and physical… Besides the camaraderie and bragging brights… Besides the cute workout clothes and bright pink shoes… This is why I run. To get outside. To watch the sun rise. To watch the sun set. To see ducks swimming undisturbed at the beach. To see squirrels and […]

39/93: Cooking

Saturday night we had friends over and we (they) made the most amazing dinner. K brought Gazpacho shooters with Spicy Shrimp. We made Caprese Kabobs with Balsamic. T brought Sangria…. ah, Sangria. L made the Paella while I watched over her shoulder and handed her ingredients. And K brought a Lemon Ice Box Cake. I provided […]

38/93: Jazz

My Dad loved Jazz. All kinds of Jazz, I believe. But I distinctly remember his love of Big Band Jazz. Fortunately, I inherited this love. And there’s nothing better than watching it live. So, last week, when Husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I told him I wanted to go […]

36/93: Poetry

My mom gave me this book of Poetry recently. I have it sitting on my (new) night stand. And before I drift off, or when I have  moment in the morning I pick it and read a bit. Billy Collin’s work is just my speed. It’s accessible, I understand it and most importantly, I love […]

35/93: Ruminate

On our walk this morning Z was slower than normal. She had plenty of energy before we left the house, but now that we were following the sidewalk and watching the sun rise above the horizon, she was being rather pokey. At one point she stopped and starting chewing, flossing, sucking on a patch of […]

34/93: Classics

I came across this list yesterday: 25 American Classics Everyone Should Read at Least Once. And honestly, I’ve only read a few. I’m not surprised. I read a lot, but I tend to read the newer stuff. And certainly not historical stuff. Boooorrrring. But reading about these classics has me thinking I should probably dig […]

33/93: Training

I woke up way too early this morning so I could go to the Community Center and swim laps before Husband had to walk the dog and we all had to leave the house for the day. Seeing 5:35am on the clock is one thing. Getting out of bed, bringing the dog outside and then […]

32/93: Birds

Print by Kathy Panton via Etsy I started listening to Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird this morning on the way to work. I forget how funny she is. How realistic she can be. And how damn smart she is. Just write, is her message. Don’t worry about being published. Don’t worry about fame. Don’t […]