10/93: Heart

I saw my heart today. Sort of. I saw it through an ultrasound; an echocardiogram. Two weeks ago by OBGYN told me I had a heart murmur. I panicked. I saw a cardiologist who immediately asked, “Who heard a murmur?” When I told him he tried to hide his smile and said I didn’t have […]

9/93: Rainbows

“Mom? Have you ever seen a REAL rainbow?” “Sure, baby. But they’re pretty rare.” “And did you see it from the ground, through the sky and back to the ground.” “Mostly just in the sky, kiddo.” “And did you see the honey at the end of it?” The honey? What happened to the pot of gold? […]

8/93: Strawberries

It’s strawberry season here in Minnesota right now. And there’s nothing quite like local, juicy, deep red berries. I found a pint at the Hopkins Farmers Market this morning and brought them home for daughter. She ate every last one of them. I’m glad I snuck a few on the drive home. These strawberries reminded […]

7/93: The Hard Stuff

So, you know all those hard things that you want to write about but find too difficult to put on the page? The loses, the disappointments, the heartbreaks? Well, any writer does. Even non-writers do. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m writing for 93 straight days. To get to those. To put them on […]

6/93: Eating Well

“I’m not on a diet, I’m eating Healthy.” I just spent two weeks doing a “Reset.” Basically it meant I didn’t eat Gluten, Dairy or Sugar. Or at least I tried to not eat Gluten, Dairy or Sugar. The Gluten was pretty easy, the Dairy was a breeze, even the Sugar was pretty easy. Except […]

4/93: Morning

The morning didn’t sneak up on me. It didn’t creep. It was there all along as the sky lightened and the alarm clock read 5:00. The puppy stirred, nuzzled my arm that hung off the side of the bed. Husband pulled himself up, she followed him outside. I rolled over. Saw the clock: 5:30. Time to run. […]

2/93: Azzura

The second day of summer and we have a new mouth to feed. No, not the stinkin’ snapping turtle that we gently evicted, but this sweet face. Her name is Azzura and we adopted her yesterday. She was found as a stray in Missouri and has been in a foster home for just over two […]