I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks.

This week you:

• with a pep talk…  you made it through an hour of hockey practice… and had fun 

• talked Mom into taking you down the double big hill and laughed when we almost hit a tree

• introduced our new realtor to every single My Little Pony you own

• cuddled with me and watched over an hour straight of Renovation Realities on HGTV

• finally made a snow man… it’s been too cold!



Fresh Snow & A Writing Retreat


We woke up to about five fresh inches of snow on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful. Even when I was shoveling a path to the garage I thought it was beautiful. Even when I was driving through the streets in my neighborhood, plowing through drifts and piles, I thought it was beautiful. And clearly, when sledding on Sunday with Daughter, I thought it was beautiful.

But before we found ourselves flying down the hill towards a very large tree (we missed it, obviously), I spent most of Saturday with my amazing Writing Group. We gathered at the home of a member, in her beautiful living room, with a roaring fire and we wrote. Each of us had an hour and a topic. There was poetry. There was a Lyric Essay exercise. There were writing prompts. There was reading out loud. There were croissants and coffee and speedy sandwiches.

For the first time in months I put pen to paper and it felt great.

In the coming days (weeks) I’ll share some of the prompts. And if I’m feeling bold I’ll maybe even share some of the writing.






I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks.

This week you:

• went tubing down the big hill All. By. Yourself.  (that’s you at the top in the photo)

• passed the push back and forth with me at hockey practice

• used your “pleases” and “thank you’s” and “excuse mes” and “no, thank your” really well

• dragged me down a tube slide at the indoor playground again and again

• made an amazing come-from-behind victory again me at Chutes & Ladders



Just Write: Snow

The snow started last night, after dinner, as I walked big dog around the block. I was wearing a head lamp, which really wasn’t needed with the full moon and  cloud cover, but it was nice to see the light reflect off the thick snowflakes as they fell down in front of my eyes.

This morning wee woke up to three inches of fresh snow. The snow we had was starting to get packed down and bits of it had melted. The rest is brown or yellow… I’ll let you think on that. So it was nice to see the snow this morning. It was even enough to pull me out of bed before I had to be up, just to lift the blinds in the bathroom and peer into the yard to see it for myself.

A few hours later it’s still coming down. Sideways, actually. The roads are a mess, but the trees and lawns are beautiful.

I’m so glad I live here.



Monday Monday

It’s Monday morning. The world thawed out this weekend and I’m pretty sure we even hit 40 degrees. There was a lot of hockey this weekend, a bit of sledding, lots of cooking, a rocking game of bowling and a bit too much wine. photo[2]So between soggy snow pants and a crock pot full of chunky tomato soup, I’d call it a good weekend.



Dinner with the work crew at Borough. IMG_5620

Salmon with Beets & Blinis.


Pork Belly with Butternut Squash & Sage.


Tuna with Salsa Verde and Salt Cod Beignet.


Monkfish with White Beans.


Short Rib with Horseradish Mashed Potatoes.

My oh my, did I forget a photo of the Chocolate Dessert?





I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks.

This week you:

• had so much fun with your classmates at a birthday party

• declared Daddy to be the best fort builder, and spent many an hour building them

• cuddled on your bed with a book and pretzels and “read”

• rode “Fancy” the unicorn around and around and around

• tried to teach Bogey how to use the iPad.. you were very patient


Impromptu Popovers


Daughter and I  made Popovers yesterday. We were home because school was canceled. She got a cookbook, Pretend Soup, for Christmas and it’s been a big hit. She “reads” the recipes and asks if we have all the ingredients. For most of them we’ve missing one thing: Apple Juice concentrate; zucchini; or a soup packet. But we had everything for the Popovers. And I love Popovers.

They were so easy! The book gives provides one set of directions for the adult and photos to follow along for the kids. There are tips and suggestions to get the child involved, such as brushing the muffin tin with melted butter. Daughter is a whiz at cracking eggs and whisking, so this was really simple. Mom is not so good at the mess that gets made, but I just remind myself that I can clean it up, I can clean it up.

Thirty minutes later we pulled the pan of Popovers out of the oven and immediately we each ate two of them (they’re small). They are so good. Especially right out of the oven.

School is closed again today, but Grandpa is coming down to watch Daughter. It is 12 degrees below zero right now, but the high today is 1 above. Tomorrow the high is 4 above. Will they have school tomorrow?

If not, I need to load up on eggs so we can bake more popovers!


Baby, It’s Cold Outside


And while I’m sick of everyone talking about it, I still have to say, IT’S &&^%$# COLD OUT THERE!. When I’m inside I can almost forget how cold it is out there, until the house “knocks” again and I bolt off the couch. Or when I have to let the dogs out, with the encouraging words, “Be brave, come right back.” Or like this morning when I had to actually make the walk to the garage and sit in a cold-ish car for the 20 minute drive to work. I took husband’s car for the seat warmers, but I don’t think they even warmed up enough by the time I got here. I parked in the center of the parking ramp, between two other cars, hoping to protect the car from the wind of the outside world. I’m safely inside right now, but in a few hours I’ll have to go back out there.

It will be this cold for roughly 48 hours and by this weekend it will be close to above freezing. For many that still sounds cold. But for us folks around here, it means many will be jogging in shorts or sledding in t-shirts. I’ll just be happy to not cough as soon as I get outside.

Stay warm, folks. This, too, shall pass.