My Monday

It’s Monday and I have ten more minutes to myself in the coffee shop before I go through another school tour, stop by the office (quickly) and drop some clothes at the consignment shop. It’s my first of three days with me. Husband is at work, Daughter is at school, so it’s me and the […]

Just Write: Another Showing

I’ve been missing from this place. Have you noticed? I have. I had major deadlines at work last week, but finally on Thursday things were quiet. Then the weekend hit and there were outings and ice times and hockey games and a showing. Now it’s Monday night and I’m finally able to sit down with […]

Just Write: NaNoWrMo, Sort of

As you probably know, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo) started lasted Friday with the start of November. I am not participating. Or not officially. Or not at all. But in the spirit of the whole idea, I am promising myself that I will write something every day this month. And grocery lists don’t count. Friday […]