Saying Goodbye

I’ve been struggling with how to write this for weeks. in fact, just now as I wrote that I got choked up. It would be easier to just close the tab and do a google search for Geico Owl rather than write this. At least then I’d be laughing. Instead, I’m trying to let go […]

I’m Dreaming

I’m in the thick of an online class/experience right now called Mondo Beyondo. It’s hard to describe, but it’s all about exploring our dreams. And not the dreams that happen when our heads hit the pillow, but the dreams for your life, your hopes and fears and wishes and, well, dreams. It’s encouraging, it’s enlighting […]

From May

I found the beginning on this blog post and realized I should finish it. I can laugh about it now. And you deserve a good laugh.  We were eating dinner the other night, husband, daughter and I, while little dog tried to avoid big dog. She is still wearing the cone of shame and has […]