Friday Five: Summer Bucket List


(this photo is completely unrelated to this post, I just like it)

The other day my neighbor, J, and I were doing a mini-triathlon since we’re training for the full triathlon. After our swim we ran into a Paddle Sculpt instructor and we stopped to chat with her. Man, I want that job. To float around a lake, under the sun, guiding women in exercise and paddling. Now, that’s a cool job. But it’s not my job and instead I sit at a desk for most of the day. But sigh, someday. Meanwhile, I vowed to do a Paddle Sculpt class by the end of the summer. And that got me thinking: What else do I want to do this summer? So, here goes, my Friday Five Summer Bucket List.

1. Take a Paddle Sculpt class

2. Bring Daughter Kayaking

3. Take an outdoor Yoga Class

4. Play Hooky for a day with Husband

5. Drink Margaritas by a Beach

Good enough? I think so.

So I ask, what’s on your Summer Bucket List?


Friday Five


I’m listing again, folks. Aren’t I always listing? At least I think I am. Anyway, to celebrate the official beginning of Summer, and really, Summer just showed up here, I want to know your five favorite foods of summer. Ready? Here goes:

1. Local Strawberries

2. Grilled Corn

3. Fresh Mint on or in just about anything (can you say lemonade?)

4. Popsicles (preferably on the front steps with my favorite girl)

5. Brats on the Grill

Now your turn…. What are your five favorite foods of summer?


Do You Doggie Daycare?


For the past few weeks we’ve been sending this “little” one to Doggie Daycare. It started with the bathroom remodel. I couldn’t let our poor contractor listen to two crazies barking all day, so I removed the deeper, larger bark, even though she’s the calmer dog. The first day was hard. I didn’t want to leave her, she didn’t want me to leave. But she did okay… she “passed”. And I was able to watch her for parts of the day on their webcam.

The staff said she was a bit shy, but each day she became more outgoing and confident. Now that the bathroom is done (I owe you photos of that!), we’re just sending her one day a week to give her a break from staring out the front window. She spends the day following the staff, sniffing smaller dogs and wagging her mammoth tail. Little man (Bug) stays home. This also gives him some solo-perch-in-the-window time.

When I dropped her off this morning she leapt out of my truck the moment her leash was clicked. She flew to the door and straight to the gate. She didn’t even look back. She didn’t even look back!!

I guess my little girl is growing up. Deep sigh.

I want to know, do you send your dog(s) to doggie daycare? Do you have a dogwalker come to your house?


Time to Move…


You’ve probably figured it out, or maybe you haven’t, but we are planning and hoping to sell our house. We’ve been here for nearly 11 years (wow, eleven years??) and with daughter starting school next year we’ve decided to make a move to the suburbs (I know, eegads). It was no easy decision, but with lower property taxes, larger yards, larger houses and better schools, it’s really a no-brainer.

Our wish list isn’t huge, but includes an attached garage, at least two bedrooms on the same floor, ideally four bedrooms total and an open concept. A decent size yard would be great (with two dogs we sort of need it). We would like space for an office and a space to work out. Is all that too much to ask?
We are starting to get serious about this move. We’ve put most of our junk stuff in storage. We’ve talked to daughter and the dogs about storing toys. Sadly, that also means my sewing goods and fabric will also be stored. As will cookbooks and the ice cream maker and my hockey equipment. Oh well. Hopefully the house will move fast. Hopefully we’ll find our next dream house fast.
When we found this house we weren’t even looking. We just happened to see it online and went that same day to an Open House. Three days later our offer was excepted. One month later we signed the papers and moved in. It was meant to be at the time. This house has seen us grow up from two single young adults to parents of a little girl and two pups. I will miss this house and the amazing views from those big front windows, but it’s time. Time to move.