Tell Me

Tell me she won’t remember my frustration after she dropped the pretzels. Tell me she won’t remember how I promised the playground and then it rained. Tell me she won’t remember the exhaustion in my voice after I tucked her in the third, fourth, fifth time. Tell me she won’t remember the deep sighs and […]

Goodbye, 1952

Say goodbye to the mint green tile, the peach and yellow accents and the crumbling walls. I won’t miss the 80s lights or the cracked grout. And I won’t miss the broken shelves in the medicine cabinet or the too-large-for-the-space sink. Or that nightmare of a glass shower door. Really, eleven years we’ve been together. […]

This Morning

I can hear her downstairs when I get out of the shower. “Daddy, I gave Bogey a treat because he came inside.” Thanks, Honey. Let’s go upstairs. “Excuse me, Luna. Excuuuse me… “ “Is she in your way, Honey?” “Yes, she has a big butt.” She stumbles upstairs and walks right past me, through the […]