And Then She Was Four


It’s amazing how fast four years can fly. Four years ago today we welcomed a dimpled, bald, adorable little baby. She has grown to be a dimpled, blondish, adorable little girl. And now she’s four.

Baby girl, there is so much I want to tell you. That you’ve loved. Loved beyond belief. That you’re beautiful. That you’re smart. Like scare Mom and Dad’s socks off smart.

And funny and way more goofy that we could have expected.

You’re gentle, especially with the new puppy and with other young children.

You’re creative. You love to make cards and posters and presents for your friends.

You’re thoughtful. And you often think of what others might want or need.

You’re polite. Always (usually) offering up a Please and a Thank you and an Excuse Me. Sometimes.

But best of all, you’re you. You’re a bit of me and a bit of daddy and it looks like you really got the best of both of us. You love to laugh. You love to eat. And you really give the best girl hugs I’ve ever had.

But really, Baby Girl, I’m glad you’re ours.

I’m so glad you landed here.

Right here.

With me.

Love, Mama.


It Isn’t Spring Yet.


I came home this week to find this lovely Tulips Postcard in my mailbox. It’s from the amazing Jen, and while her timing was right (it arrived smack dab on the first day of spring) spring really hasn’t shown up yet in these parts. The high for the next week is about 30 degrees and we’re still covered in snow. Little Luna agrees that this weather is for the birds. Certainly not for an island-loving girl and her island-born-and-island-missing pup. At least it’s the weekend. So there.


A Kick-in-the Rear…


It’s been a month, in fact, one day over a month since I’ve been here. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy. But that’s obvious. I haven’t left you entirely. In fact, this little bloggy thing is always in the back of my mind. And since I’ve been taking a writing class this last month and  a half I’ve really had this little blog on my mind. That said, I’m gong to make an effort to get back here. On a regular basis. With more writing.

And what better way to get back into the swing of things, than a challenge!

Angie, over at her beautiful and inspiring blog, has offered these questions (from Kate) as writing prompts. And I’m totally digging in and joining them. I’m even going to try to join their linky party if I can figure it out.

Here are the questions:​ 

1- Monday: What is one thing you’d like to accomplish (professionally or personally) in the next year?

2- Tuesday: Who is the one person who has had an important influence on you? Describe.

3- Wednesday: What essay or poem or short story do you return to again and again? Why?

4- Thursday: In what ways has parenthood shifted your perspective on some aspect (you chose) of your life?

5- Friday: Describe your ideal day.

So, stay tuned. I’ll be answering her questions over the next few weeks. I’d like to say I’ll be here everyday, but we both know that’s not realistic, don’t we?