a love story

Boy sleeps in late.

Girl stops by.

Eyes lock.

They marry.

They have a daughter.

They live happily ever after.


fun finds

The Falls


Daughter and I snowshoed over to Minnehaha Falls this weekend after the “blizzard”. It took nearly an hour to get there (because that’s how long it takes an almost four-year-old to walk about a half mile in the snow when there are woods to explore and swings to swing on). The falls were amazing. Look at that ice! And those tiny little people down there. There were other people behind the falls. I could hear them, but couldn’t see them. Seriously too scary for me. Daughter wanted to go down there. Not a chance said the Mother who would have to carry her back up the stairs. As it turned out, I carried her all the way home, on my back. (It took about ten minutes.)


Five Things I Learned on Vacation

1. Daughter likes turbulence.

2. Catching up with Pinterest after two weeks away is fun, email is not.

3. Long walks on a secluded beach are good for the soul.

4. Humidity is good for the skin.

5. Coming home to your own bed, to your own kitchen and to your own dog is completely priceless.