Grateful for Friday

It’s Friday… life is crazy again…. of course… but I’m also celebrating the fact that I have a gratitude buddy. More details here. meanwhile, I’m grateful for Tyler of Baby Lux Design. Really. And here are five things I’m grateful for this week: 1. daughter’s laughter 2. pedicures 3. an upcoming beach vacation 4. winter […]

Sick Day….

(photo taken by daughter, of daughter, at school last week… she brought the camera for show and tell and took 150 photos in just a few minutes) I spent most of yesterday at home with a sick kid. It was her third day feeling under the weather, so we decided to keep her home rather […]


Five things is back! It’s been awhile, but nothing like turning over a new leaf, or returning over a new leaf at the first of the year. So this Friday, in honor of the weekend, I’m asking you five FUN things you hope to do this weekend. Don’t tell me what errands you need to […]

Missing Manhattan

I love New York City. Specifically, Manhattan. And when I saw this print by Yoni Alter my mind immediately went back the hours and hours and hours of wandering I did this past September. Manhattan is Magic. I can’t wait to go back. Other NYC prints (and other cool places) here!

Happy New Year!

Hey all. Well, it’s been a while since I posted. Things have obviously been busy. Things have also been stressful. But I feel better now that 2013 is here. I’m looking forward to heading back to work tomorrow, even though Daughter is dreading her first day back at school. That makes is hard. Work will […]