Friday Five: Random Things

I love to read the Blog Young House Love. I love John and Sherry’s honesty, their sense of humor, their DIY ideas. And because I love them, I’m borrowing their post idea from yesterday: Five Random Bits. But I renamed it to Things so they don’t sue. Not that they would. They’re nice like that.

So here goes, here are five random things I’m thinking about right now:

1. I’m obsessed with Brussels Sprouts. Seriously. Can’t get enough. Fortunately, they’re healthy.

2. I cooked a form of Squash for dinner twice this week and Husband ate them. Monday I made Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Pepper Sauce, Tuesday I made Pumpkin Risotto. Double victory.

3. I’m been listening to Christmas Carols since the day before Thanksgiving. Broke my own rule.

4. Really really really looking forward to the weekend….

5. Nothing better then cuddling with my little dog on these cold nights.

Now it’s your turn, leave a comment with five random things below. Sharing is nice.



A few weeks ago Daughter and I were decorating for Halloween. Nothing crazy, just a large furry spider (who made me jump more times than I’d like to admit) and a big sticky cobweb along the front shrubs. Inside we hung a few bats and made an orange and black paper chain. Still pretty simple.

But while we were outside I pulled out my phone and took a couple pictures of Daughter. She quickly turned back and wanted to see the pictures. Then, she wanted to take pictures of me. All I could think about was my phone, in little hands, falling to the ground. And the semi-busy street that we live on where high school kids coming zipping by.

But then I remembered I could trust her. Stay on the grass. Two hands on the phone. It’s all I said. And she started to shoot. She took about two dozen shots in rapid succession and the one above is the only shot  that shows more than my shoes. I love it.

And you know what? She didn’t drop my phone. She didn’t run into the street. She just took way too many photos of the leaves in the front yard. And that’s fine. Just fine.



It’s late. And I’m sitting on the couch watching NBC, surfing on the iPad, checking my phone, and writing on the laptop. It’s election night and I’m nervous. I thought it was settled and then Ohio woke up, said, Wait! Wait!. And so we wait. And wait. 

And in Minnesota we wait. Why would we change out constitution to limit a freedom? I don’t get it. 

Then again, I have never really understood politics. I left that to my sister. 

But still, I wait. I voted this morning. We were actually at the polls before they opened at 7am. We brought daughter with us, stood in the line, looked for letters in the hallways of the elementary school. I held her hand while I filled in the circles on my ballot. On the way out we both got a “I Voted” sticker. She proudly wore it on her purple shirt. 

In the car I explained to her what we had just done. That we had the opportunity to vote for the person we think is best for the job. That we can vote for amendments and laws that determine how we can live. And I got goosebumps. It’s pretty fricking cool that we get this choice. This opportunity. 

I hope someday she’ll understand. 

Until then, I really hope my peeps win.