Friday Five: Random Things

I love to read the Blog Young House Love. I love John and Sherry’s honesty, their sense of humor, their DIY ideas. And because I love them, I’m borrowing their post idea from yesterday: Five Random Bits. But I renamed it to Things so they don’t sue. Not that they would. They’re nice like that. […]


A few weeks ago Daughter and I were decorating for Halloween. Nothing crazy, just a large furry spider (who made me jump more times than I’d like to admit) and a big sticky cobweb along the front shrubs. Inside we hung a few bats and made an orange and black paper chain. Still pretty simple. […]


It’s late. And I’m sitting on the couch watching NBC, surfing on the iPad, checking my phone, and writing on the laptop. It’s election night and I’m nervous. I thought it was settled and then Ohio woke up, said, Wait! Wait!. And so we wait. And wait.  And in Minnesota we wait. Why would we […]