19 things

19 things we should say to our kids… and maybe to each other.  From here, via Pinterest. 1. I love you! There is nothing that will make me stop loving you. Nothing you could do or say or think will ever change that. 2. You are amazing! I look at you with wonder! Not just at what you […]

Friday Inspiration

A couple videos for you from a couple of friends that, strangely, I met through AIGA. Justin is really more of a friend of a friend, but he knows all about my little dog, so that’s good enough for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NrBroJ8zUU And the beautiful Steph, well, she’s a writer that I ran into again at […]

NYC To Do List

A sunset visit to the Empire State Building Wandering through the Dumbo Arts Festival Eating Dumplings in Chinatown A run in Central Park A visit to Ground Zero Shopping at every H&M I can find Dean & Deluca…. And thanks to this amazing book, my list is growing. No worries, I’ll keep you posted.

I’m Addicted….

… to Blogs. Here are just a few that I try to check Daily. Yep, Daily with a capital D. A Cup of Jo – because I love New York and her down-to-earth writing style Chez Larsson – white, simple, clean…. someday Dash and Bella – posts are few and far between, but well worth the weight Enjoying […]

The American Dream

I don’t want to get into Politics. Really, I don’t. I honestly don’t understand politics and for years just asked my sister who to vote for. But what I do know, is that nearly 100 years ago, my grandfather came to the United States from Ireland. He was 11 years old. He came with his […]

Ahhhh, Work….

It was a good day back in the office. Things were busy, there were deadlines and off-site meetings and a couple of conference calls. There was also the stories of what I missed during my week off, such as when the entire office was taken over by fruit flies. So gross. So glad I missed […]

Back to Work…

  The desire to write grows with writing. – Desiderius Erasmus It’s the day after Labor Day. I feel like I should be figuring out a new class schedule, loading up on new books and finding my locker. But those school days are long past for me. Okay, I still occasionally take a class, but I […]