An Olympic Jump

We are watching the Olympics, or rather, I am watching the Olympics while Daughter is rolling off the couch, under the ottoman, between my feet. I am watching beautiful Kerri Walsh and fiesty Misty May Treanor come from behind against two European women in their 20’s. They, too, are beautiful and tanned. Kerri and Misty […]


It’s finally Friday. And the crazy heat has broken. Our windows are open, the AC is off. I love it. Dog loves it. And I can hear the bugs and the wind again. Today we’re heading to the beach. And then Husband is taking me for Sushi and some live Jazz. This weekend we’re doing […]

Plata Designs and a Present for Myself

I found myself a birthday present in Boulder.  I found it at the very last booth we walked past, right before we nearly melted in the Colorado Sun, moments before the 3YOs started to lose it. There was a little table, covered by beautiful work by Plata Designs. The artist was there selling her amazing jewelry. I […]

How did I do?

Last year at this time, I posted a list of 39 things I wanted to do while I was 39. Today’s my last day of being 39, so I wanted to let you know how I did. I have to say, pretty good. I might find time tomorrow to do numbers 22,2 3 and 31, […]


I spent the last four days with my sister in Denver, Colorado. We went climbing and swimming and shopping and eating. Saturday, we headed north to Boulder for the Open Arts Fest. And what  a Fest it was. There were giant carrots and adorable rabbits. There was a splash pad and butterfly balloons. There was […]

On Training….

I’ve been training and I love it. When people find out that I’m training for a triathlon they often say, “Isn’t that hard?” “Isn’t that a lot of work?” “Oh, the training must be so hard.” And yes, it is hard. But it’s also so much fun. I really need a deadline to achieve something. […]


Yesterday, Daughter and I spent most of the afternoon laughing. The day didn’t start out so well, and we ended up spending a couple hours at the Emergency Vet Clinic. After a number of tests and some guessing on the Doctor’s part (because Dog is too wiggly to get an accurate measurement) we were sent […]