Another Friday

photo from SkiptomyLou….

… these Fridays keep sneaking up on me! The week is crazy, with swimming and yoga and soccer and softball, oh, and work,  that suddenly it’s Friday. Daughter and I are heading to the beach again, in what has become a Friday tradition. And I’m excited. Then it’s the 4th next week… there will be parades and stars and stripes and maybe, just maybe, some fireworks.

Meanwhile, a few things I’ve found while surfing this week.

Love these posters, I think Daughter would too.

I love this site.… makes me health-hungry!


I want to make this.

And I can’t believe she’s gone.… makes me sad.


I am a Writer

There. I said it.

And I’m a couple weeks behind. But I just stumbled across this today. Jeff Goins’ 15 Habits of Great Writers. The first Habit? Declare that I’m a writer.

So, there, I’m a writer.

I don’t write every day. Sometimes not even once a week. But I’m still a writer. I think about writing every day. I take notes on writing nearly ever day. But now you know, that I’m a writer.

I’m up for the challenge. I won’t do it in 15 days, but I’ll do it in 15 posts. Deal? Deal.


Friday & a Library

It’s almost Friday!

I’m still overwhelmed. Mostly with work. Sorta with teaching a three-year-old to Listen. And respond.

But I wanted to share with you a lovely little discovering I made tonight as I walked Dog around the block.

I found a library. A little Library in my neighbors front yard. More info here. But I’m excited. And have already combed my shelves for a contribution. This is cool.

We’re heading to the beach today and then we plan to clean the house. Well, one of us plans to clean the house. Daughter might have other plans. On Saturday I’m looking forward to a much needed girls night. Sunday we’re meeting friends at the Farmer’s Market.

And then back to the grind we go.


Sunday Dinner…

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Shallots, Cherries and Arugula.

Life has been crazy lately. We’ve been to the beach, to the pool, to the park.

We’ve had friends over. We’ve had family over.

I’ve been running and biking and swimming and working.

There’s been weeding and mowing and more than enough laundry.

And there’s been reading and reading and more reading.

And very little writing.

But I’ll get there soon. Really. Because it won’t leave me alone.

On to Monday…


Friday and Don’t Worry

It’s Friday! Or almost Friday, depending on where you are. Or maybe Friday is almost over, which means it will be Saturday soon. Either way, it’s Friday. We have lunch plans with a dear friend, time with Grandma in the pool and then we’re having another dear friend over for dinner. A day of eating, a day of catching up. It will be fun.

I also wanted to let y’all know that I found some time to write. It was early, the sun was up and fortunately, nobody else was. Then on my lunch hour I found a park bench and scribbled out a quick essay. I’m excited about it. And I’m excited about what I’ve started. I opened a new notebook, broke in a new pen and just went for it.

I’m planning to share a few pieces with my writing group. My glorious, beautiful, generous writing group. There will be more news about this group soon. We’re working out details, but things are shifting. And it’s good.

What are you excited about this weekend? Tell me!



I feel stuck.
In my writing.
I finished a wonderful class two weeks ago and I’ve barely written since.
I met with my amazing and talented writing group this weekend, and had only written a one page response to our Prompt. (And yes, that was the writing I spoke about up there in the third sentence.) Its not as if I haven’t had ideas. I have a list of things to write. I have words and phrases running through my mind all day.

I could blame it on the lack of time. I could blame it on the sun, that’s rising early, that’s waking the daughter way, way too early. But it’s the sun that I welcome as I open my eyes at 5 in the morning. So much easier to get up, out of bed and write when the sun is up. But then the sun crosses through the house and into the daughters room and Poof! She’s up. Just when I start to talk myself into crawling out of bed, I hear her door open and watch her walk into our room. Sometimes she’s still half asleep. Or like today, she’s got a bounce in her step and can’t wait to start chatting. Either way, I know I’m not writing.

And so we cuddle. We chat. We watch Bubble Guppies. And then we get ready for our day. I drop her at Preschool. I go to work. I (try) to workout at lunch. Or I work through lunch. And then I pick her up from Preschool. We make dinner. We wait for Husband to get home and we eat dinner. Then we walk Dog. She showers. She brushes. She cuddles. We read. We cuddle. We chat. She sleeps.

And then it’s 830 pm and I’m shot.
So, when again should I write? A writer friend said it just takes 20 minutes. Twenty minutes here. Twenty minutes there. Do that three times and it’s an hour. Three more times and it’s two. I can do that. Can I do that?