Cheering in the Rain

It rained most of the day on Saturday. And I, along with 4 friends, and nearly 7,000 acquaintances, ran the Annual Get in Gear road race. Originally I signed up for the 10k, after having run my first one last October. But an injury forced me to cut back on my mileage and I switched […]

Friday…. Brunch Five!

Finally, it’s the weekend. It’s been a long week. Among other things, we dealt with an ear infection, a rash, long work hours, tight deadlines, almost a missed deadline (with the reminder to ALWAYS check the deadline yourself, not what you hear), brunch with grandparents and cousins, a great night at the playground with neighbors, […]

Writing the Truth

I’ve been writing a lot lately. And reading about writing even more. As I struggled to get honest words on the page this week, I ran across these lines from Judith Barrington’s Writing the Memoir. “For some reason particular to you and your life, you need to tell the truth. However, even if  your need […]

Shake Your Booty!

Last night as I was cleaning up after dinner, I heard a commotion come from the living room. I yelled in to Daughter, “What are you doing?” She replied, “I dancing!” Okay. That’s fine. She’s just a loud dancer. When the dishes were done, I walked into the living room to find my just-turned-three-year-old waving a […]


Daughter started calling me “Mom” this past week. It had always been “Mommy” sometimes “Mama,” occasionally “Jenn-ee-fer” the way her teachers pronounce my name. But never just “Mom.” The first time she said it I had asked her to wash her hands. She turned to me and said, “Mom! I need a chair!” Mom? Really, […]

Five Years and Counting….

This is Spud. He stopped by last week to color eggs. Love that smooshy-face.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Probably too much thinking. In between goldfish crackers and brochure deadlines, I’ve been thinking about this blog. I started blogging five years ago this month. Back then I was over at The Write […]