Make Time…

I went to my writing group again this weekend and man, oh man, that group is talented and inspiring. Every month their work blows me away. And motivates me. Which reminds me of Artsyville’s amazing sketch (posted above). It hangs in my studio, and I look at it often. But it’s still a good reminder that yes, your art is important. Make time for it. Thanks, Aimee! You can see more of her amazing work here.


Friday5: Grateful

March is here, can you believe it? I love March. Three years ago we welcomed a very special bundle into our lives at the end of March. So for the past few years March has been a month of planning. First planning for our beautiful baby, and the last three years planning for a beautiful birthday. This year she’s having two parties, one with family and one with friends. Both will be great. She’s looking forward to the two cakes. So am I.

All that said, it’s Friday and I’m grateful. So grateful. Here’s my top 5:

I’m grateful for….

1. My perfect little family of husband, daughter and dog
2. My mind, that lets me write and create everyday
3. My body, which lets me skate and run and jump and tickle
4. My friends, without them I don’t know where I’d be
5. Chocolate

Should I go on? Because I could… for days.

What are you grateful for?

And speaking of friends, go check out Jen’s blog, she’s in a book (A real book, hardcover, even) and she’s giving one away. WooHoo!