Birthday Cookies

This weekend we celebrated Daughter’s third birthday with the family. I wanted a project/game/craft that would work for all ages at the party. There were grandparents and cousins and an aunt and uncle. What could work for everyone? I finally decided on decorating cookies. The theme of the party was Trains and I found these awesome train cookie cutters on Amazon. I made the cookies the day before, with Daughter’s help, and then we decorated at the party.


Stalked by a Waffle

I am being haunted by this waffle. Seriously haunted. Last Friday, before Daughter and I spent three days staring at each other and learning to use the Potty, we went out to breakfast. I brought her to the Birchwood Cafe because I had never been there for Breakfast. When we got there the place was packed. It was a Friday at 830 in the morning and anyone who wasn’t at work or school was there. It was nearing 70 degrees and every seat was taken, so we sat outside. Daughter wanted pancakes, and while they didn’t have pancakes, I ordered her a “Waffle-Pancake” hoping it would be close enough, and something new and exciting.

For myself, I ordered the Savory Waffle, and boy I was I glad I did. I love baked goods, but I prefer eggs and bacon for breakfast. This was really the best of both worlds. The waffle batter included parsnips and gruyere, served with a sunny-side egg, bacon, pear slaw and a homemade nut jam. It was amazing. And it is still haunting me. (But at $11, I have to refrain from stopping by every day).
And did Daughter like her waffle? She did, but she especially liked mine and ate a quarter of it just so I didn’t feel guilty. It was a great way to start an intense and busy weekend. And in case you’re wondering, the Potty training went well, really well. We’re so happy. But I’m still haunted.
fun finds

Recycled Crayons

We recycled some crayons this weekend. I really wanted to use my Ikea Silicon molds, but turns out they aren’t oven friendly.

Instead I used my old mini-muffin pan. Daughter helped me peel the paper off the broken crayons. And Husband helped me break them into pieces.

We baked them in a low oven (275 degrees) for about 10 minutes until they were melted. Then we stirred them with a toothpick to mix up the colors.

We thought it was pretty cool that they yellows and oranges came to the top and the darker colors were at the bottom. Either way they turned out really well and Daughter was excited to use them to draw her dinosaurs. Totally worth it.

Friday Five

Friday5: Weekend!


It’s nearly the middle of March and Spring is on the door step. I heard the birds chirping this morning and I just had to post this beautiful poster I found on Poster Cabaret. Have you seen this site? So many amazing and affordable works of art.

So, it’s warming up and soon we’ll be grilling burgers outside. And, best of all, it’s the weekend. And because it’s Friday, here are five things that help me recharge over the weekend….

1. “Sleep in,” which really means cuddling with Daughter until 8 if we’re lucky.
2. Take Daughter to lunch on Fridays when I can, sometimes just the two of us. Today we’re heading to Tilia with friends.
3. Hang out in the sunlight in our living rom while Daughter and Dog play with random toys.
4. Eat a grapefruit each morning.
5. Read bits and pieces of the Sunday Paper.

Tell me, what do you do to recharge on the weekend?