A Leap Day Giveaway!

It’s leap day! It’s an extra day to enjoy chocolate or wine or a delicious scone or maybe a donut! And lucky for you,  I’m hosting a giveaway! I will send one lucky winner a three-pocket sling purse of their choice. Just leave a comment below by Next Tuesday at midnight. I’ll announce the winner […]

Mill Valley Kitchen

Lunch with the girls on Friday lead us to the Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park. We were not disappointed. The space is beautiful, with white walls and green accents and lots of and lots of windows. The service was prompt and professional. The menu was extensive and we all had a hard time […]

Curried Tilapia, etc, etc.

We’ve made the Cooking Light recipe for Broiled Tilapia with Cocont Curry sauce so many times that we’re pretty much perfected it. And we’ve also played around with it and added some more goodies. We’ve made it with Chicken and we’ve added Shitakes and this time we added Spinach at the last moment. It’s always […]

Friday5: Relax

This is where I found myself last night. After yesterday’s post a nice hot bath was all I could think about. While Husband put Daughter to bed, I snuck upstairs with a glass of wine and a new magazine and filled the tub. Why don’t I do that more often? That leads me to this […]

Friday 5!

Man, I’m tired right now. And sore. It’s 12:04 in the morning and I just got home from a hockey game. That I played. I smell pretty bad, my knee/hip is tight, my right shoulder is throbbing and my throat is sore where I took a stick. Such is life, or at least a game […]

What a Find!

I went t to the Mall of America on Friday. Don’t ask. I felt like shopping (I thought) and Daughter loves Nickelodeon Universe. Plus we met Grandma M for lunch before she and Grandpa head off on their two-week long cruise. So we did some shopping, we went on a couple rides which were actually […]

Friday Five: Pet Peeves!

Friday. Friday. Friday. Where were you all week? I missed you. I’m glad to see you. Even more so because I have the day off with Toddler. Hoo. Ray. And because it was the kind of week that it was, I want to know your five biggest pet peeves. Seriously. 1. Slow drivers in the […]