A friend asked me to design labels for her new line of Jam. There was no way I could say No to such a fun project. She want’s something “Sexy” that uses Black. So my first stop was to the blog, The Dieline. It’s full of amazing packaging design from all over the world. Here […]

Hopscotch Numbers

I’ve been meaning to make a Hopscotch Mat for Daughter for a few weeks. I had the felt and even set it out on the floor to see what she thought. She loved the colorful squares and spent at least 20 minutes moving them around and stacking them. Rather than sewing them on to a […]

Friday5: Favorite Foods

Getting back to the basics…. List five foods that make you happy. Really happy. 1. Spicy Tuna Rolls 2. Chunky Monkey Ice Cream 3. Baked Truffled Mac & Cheese 4. Lobster tails with Spiced Butter 5.  Chocolate Pecan Pie And not necessarily in that order… What about you? (I’m bringing Daughter sledding today, what are […]


I love Giraffes. And Baby Giraffes. But I especially love Mama & Baby Giraffes. On a t-shirt. You can find it here with so many other cool T’s. Just don’t visit until I’ve had a chance to order. 🙂

A New Read

I love Blogs. I’m addicted. I admit it. So obviously I love finding new blogs, especially those with amazing photos or beautiful words or, even better, both. I keep track of them in Google Reader and about once a month I weed through them and figure out what I can do without and what I […]

A Quick Dinner Idea

I feel like I’m constantly catching up. We’ve been sick… ear infections, pink eye, asthma issues and more pink eye. Now that I think we’re all on the mend, with antibiotics, eye drops, predisone, and more eye drops, I am catching up. Last week I tried twice in one day to get to the grocery […]

Friday Five: Magazines

Five magazines I read every month: 1. Cooking Light 2. Yoga Journal 3. Real Simple 4. Print 5. Poets & Writers What about you? Which magazines do you read every month? Tell me! And have you noticed that all the magazines come on the same day of the month? I think they should spread them […]

William Morris: Food Storage

 “I will have nothing in my home that I do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris My first William Morris Thursday.… I took advantage of 20 minutes of Toddler distraction and cleaned out our two main food storage cupboards. Really, there’s not much space. Most of my baking […]