Happy Turkey Day!

I’m taking a few days off for the holiday. And we’re having Lobster, rather than Turkey, which actually is pretty traditional.  We’re also having Tuna Tataki, which has become our tradition. Are you having Turkey? Tofurky? Turducken? Tell me, I want to know. And then visit Tyler’s blog, BabyLuxDesign, for a great Giveaway. Wouldn’t that […]

Do You Pinterest?

I do. I sure do. I actually signed up a while ago, but have lately been pretty addicted. It’s a whole other place to find inspiration and add to my to do list. Just a few…. (like these vases from here.) (and this wreath from here.) (and, um, these.)

Ink Link at the U

Friday night Jen and I ran over to McNeal Hall on the St. Paul Campus at the U of M. The College of Design hosted a party to show off their new letterpress studios. We met there in those classrooms many years ago and it was cool to go back. And it was great to […]


We have a light weekend of plans. There’s a coffee shop playdate. A birthday party. A hockey game. And I hope to start some holiday shopping. And tonight? I’m heading out with Jen to check out some letterpress at the good ‘ol U of M. It’s where we met, so it’s appropriate.  And we might have […]

Salmon Crostini & Clean Out Your Fridge

We served this Salmon Crostini at the Purple•Puppie Launch Party on Saturday night and it was such a hit I thought I’d share the “recipe.” And recipe is in quotes because it’s really, really simple. Spray your bread slices with olive oil and bake. Mix your cream cheese with chives. Add a thin slice of Lox. […]

Nokomis Craft Fair

Daughter and I ran over to the Nokomis Craft Fair this weekend to see Jen’s beautiful table. I fell in love with the work at nearly every table but there were a couple of artists that really caught me eye. The first was Lindsey Rocker of Red Door Design and her beautiful felted wool scarves. If […]

Another Busy Weekend

It’s finally here… the launch party for the other side of my life. Jen and I are hosting the purple•poppie paper & parties launch at her house on Saturday night. There will be wine and food and laughter. I can’t wait. If you want to join us send me a note or leave a comment. […]