(see the moon? wow)

I hope to make this.

And this. 

And I want to read this and this after hearing these amazing writers read last night. Wow. Something to strive for, for sure.

What are your plans for this beautiful weekend?

(and if you say you’re flying to NYC I will be very, very jealous)


Beef & Bean Quesadillas

Here’s another easy weeknight recipe for Quesadillas. I browned a pound of 1000 Hills Grass Fed Beef and added a bag of black beans with corn from the freezer aisle.

With a little bit of cheese and a few minutes in the oven, dinner was served. And the Daughter ate it. So quick and so yummy. Enjoy!


Easy Pumpkin Cake

Daughter and I made a cake this weekend. And it was probably the easiest cake I’ve ever made. Then again, there were only two ingredients. I really couldn’t mess it up. It’s so simple, I don’t even remember the link where I found it and there’s no lengthy instructions. I even forgot to take a photo. Anyway, take a box of cake mix and a can of Pumpkin Puree. Mix the two together with a mixer for two minutes. Pour into a 7 x 11 (I used 9×13) pan and bake at 350 until it’s done. There, you have a cake. If you want to get really fancy with it, you can pour an apple cider glaze over it. I chose to add this lengthy step because I had all the ingredients. I mixed together 1 cup powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons apple cider and teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. Pour it over the cake and let it set. Then eat it. It was really delicious. I was surprised.

(this whole recipe is very similar to these cupcakes I made a white back, and while those were good, they weren’t amazing like this one)

fun finds

Carpenter Nature Center, Again

We went back to the Carpenter Nature Center this weekend for their annual AppleFest. This place is really amazing. There are 700+ acres of land along the St. Croix for hiking, picnicking and showshoeing. There is no fee to wander their grounds. Their applefest was a blast.

We’ve been to other Orchards and this place is just so different. It’s not just about the apples, but it’s about the land and the animals and getting kids outside. There were all kinds of animals, including a Great Horned Owl, a Bald Eagle, a Hog-Nosed Snake, a whole lot of turtles and frogs and a bunny. There were also apples and squash and brats and hiking. We went on a hike and had a great picnic lunch while a volunteer told us about their resident amphibians.

So many cool things. I can’t wait to go back there to snowshoe! And while today it was 82 degrees I’m sure it will be snowing in a couple weeks. Seriously.


A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day yesterday! As I was walking Dog before work I noticed the brilliant leaves and the sun coming just over the trees on the other side of the river. (If you don’t know, I live across the street from the Mississippi River – sometimes I forget how awesome that is). Anyway, it was a beautiful morning. And the forecasters said it would be a beautiful day.

When I brought Dog home I grabbed my camera and headed to work along the river. (Yep, I follow the River all the way into the office – I know, it’s pretty sweet). I stopped in one of the lots along the way and walked the paths through the yellow-orange-red-green trees.

Amazing. And when I got back to my car, I had a friend.

This wild turkey has been hanging in our hood all summer. She’s harmless (and I know she’s a She because she left an egg in my neighbor’s yard) but decided that she wanted to hang out right outside my driver’s side door. Really? A few shots was all it took to get her moving.

And then when I reached the top of the hill into downtown this is what I saw. Again, amazing. And yes, the day was beautiful. (We hit 88 degrees and broke a record. Sweet!)


Wow… October?

It’s already the 5th of October, but you’d never guess it around here. It hit 85 degrees yesterday. The sun was shining. The leaves were a bright yellow. And it was beautiful.

1. Create
Still sewing here and there. And I’ve been design a few invitations for friends a family. Tt’s been fun. More on that soon.

2. Write.
Kinda sorta on this. I went to my new writing group meeting and they’re a talented, generous group. But I still need help getting my but in the chair.

3. Yoga
Still going over lunch at least once a week. Still loving this lovely new instructor. He’s so peaceful.

4. Budget
Totally on this. No worries. Ha!

5. Triathlon.
Done! In fact, I did my first 10k last weekend and that, too, was a blast. I have been swimming again and dusted off my bike. There are a couple of indoor triathlons this winter that I’m considering. But Hockey will be starting later this month. And I can’t wait.

How is your fall going? Getting used to the slower/faster pace?


A New Tent

I found the directions/pattern for this tent a few months ago. I sent to it Husband and he promptly made the frame. Seriously, like he picked up the wood that day and assembled it that night and then it sat for three months until I finally finished it. I figured we would be outside all summer anyway…. right?

So I finally sewed the cover for it and after a bit of math and more measuring, it came together rather quickly. Daughter was pleased. In fact, more than pleased. I just wish we had a huge finished basement so it could be out all the time….. someday, right?