Where Do You Write?

Do you write? If you said yes, then I want to know where. Do you use a laptop in your backyard? A notebook at the coffee shop? A desktop computer in your office? We were talking about this last week at my new Writer’s Group. One of our members mentioned an article he read that […]

Friday calls for Garlic

I just found this video. Brilliant. Now I just need me two beautiful stainless bowls. Love. And it’s finally the weekend. We have a birthday party for a very special little girl, we plan to carve pumpkins and I have my first hockey game of the season. Haven’t skated since May. Wish me luck. What […]

Autumn in a Bowl

Please forgive this photo — I was starving and sitting at my desk. Or just hold your hand over your screen. It really doesn’t do justice for this amazing soup. I forgot to pack a lunch yesterday, so I ran down to Bewiched and grabbed a cup of soup. So, what was this soup, you […]

Announcing… Purple•Poppie!

Well, after a bit of planning, a lot of dreaming and a whole lot of glue, I’m excited to announce my latest project. Together with my friend and coworker, Jen, we’re launching purple•poppie paper & parties. As graphic designers, paper freaks, and two gals who love a good party, we’re here to help. Anything you might need for […]

Richard Scarry, etc

Do you remember Richard Scarry’s Busytown? And his books? And his wonderful characters? I loved his books while I was growing up and I love sharing them with Daughter. Then I found these. Guess I know what’s on her Christmas list!

I’m Inspired

I recently started reading the blog, Pancakes and French Fries. For the entire month of October, she’s been purging and dumping and organizing. I’m inspired. I’ve also become addicted to Chez Larsson…. more inspiration. In the last few weeks I”ve tackled my closet, Daughter’s closet and I’ve started the basement. This weekend I tackled my […]

Brussel Sprouts and Friday

It’s Friday. And I made the best Brussel Sprouts for dinner last night. It’s was another recipe from My Father’s Daughter, and it was amazing. Just a bit of olive oil, some patience, and a splash of salt and a squirt of lemon. I’m still thinking about them. Yum. I”m ready for a weekend. We […]

Gwyneth and Her Veggie Burgers

I waited weeks, months for this cookbook from the Library. And man, this was worth the wait. But ironically, I wasn’t a fan of her in her early acting days, but lately she’s impressed me. And this cookbook? It’s geared toward families and it’s loaded with healthy recipes. I can’t wait to make the “Macaroni […]

Sea Salt, Finally

We made it back to Sea Salt yesterday for just the second time this season. While we love Sea Salt, we don’t like the lines or the waiting. Especially with a Toddler. So we ran over there for an early lunch on Sunday. It was quite the spread. Tacos, Crab-Stuffed Avocado, Crab Fries and a […]